A new design to obtain nuclear fusion
    A new idea to obtain clean fusion energy      


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If we had only clean, abundant and cheap energy,  the world would be a better place...

Since the middle of the 20th Century humanity has tried to achieve this with nuclear fusion, creating a sun on earth.

At the moment, for example, 35 countries are working together building an experimental fusion reactor in the south of France called ITER. Its estimated cost will be more than 22 000 million euros.

And there are and have been many many more fusion experiments..

So impossible that after so many years somebody finds suddenly a rather easy way to accomplish fusion? The "egg of Columbus"?

May this: Just a vacuum chamber, with a couple of statically charged rings and spheres placed in a magnetic field, in which we inject deuterium ions and electrons...


The magnetic field of about 1 Tesla is quite high, but possible, and the voltages of about 100 kV are also quite high, but possible.

The deuterium ions are injected into the vacuum chamber, start moving up and down, stay confined and achieve in the computer simulation such high speeds that fusion could be possible.

The electrons are injected too and stay also confined, forming a negative cloud near the centre. This will attract the deuterium ions and possible improve the fusion.

The computer simulation is promising, but only simulates the behaviour of up to a few hundreds of particles, whereas in reality there are millions and millions.

Therefore real experiments should be performed to investigate this.


What to do?

  • Establish a foundation, like Wikipedia, with as objective: "Investigate the possibility to obtain clean fusion energy with the Sem Fusor design or similar designs." Might it work, than its design should be free and available for the whole world.  Actually it is already published and not patented. My calculations are also free available.

  • Raise money through crowdfunding, to pay everything: establishing the foundation; buy a building for the laboratory; buy a (seconded handed) magnet of about 1 tesla;  a vacuum chamber;  all kind of equipment; a few people employed, the rest volunteers; maintenance etc.  ( donate.htm )

  •  Create a community  Sem Fusor group